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Top 10 fashion must knows for Spring 2024

While many of us are planning our summer breaks, the fashion conscious will be comprehending Spring 2024 fashion trends. With literally less than two weeks left of winter, we can say goodbye to layers of clothes and practical foot wear.

Its been fun, having to dress for the winter season, it doesn’t however, leave a lot of room for creativity and personal expression. Wearing your best outfit to then having it covered up with a winter jacket, kind of makes it difficult to show off your apparel and fashion styles.

These are the main trends in fashion for the upcoming season:

White & Red:

Red dress - So MagazineIn the warmer months, bright white is a timeless classic. Spring 2024 gives the clean tone its due. Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Courrèges give us flirtatious minis in the wintry tone; Vivienne Westwood displayed crisp button-down shirts and 3/4 length day dresses.

The striking colour serves as both an all-out moment and a coordinating styling accent. Imagine an all-red outfit instantly elevated with a sharp white blazer or sleek Red trousers paired with a crisp white button-down, seamlessly taking you from office hours to cocktail bar.

White clothing is always the first to appear where there is warmth and sun. Influencers are also present and dressed in cotton dresses as though it’s July already. Others are adding layers to their outfits for the early spring, such as satin skirts with over-sized shirts hanging over and suits paired with a sweater.spring/summer hat

Bright red, which is typically seen as a more sophisticated and grown-up colour, has been making an appearance in the fashion world as coats and knits. Naturally, these are still valuable purchases, but by summer, there will be an unprecedented amount of red dresses!

Recent seasons have seen a noticeable fascination with bright red in fashion, both on the red carpet and on the runway. The Spring/Summer 2024 colour trends for this season marked a discernible move towards richer, darker iterations of the hue. The Gucci collection had a lot of pieces in the same rich cherry colour, which the designer named “Gucci Rosso.” These pieces included blazers, pencil skirts, and eye-catching accessories. Rick Owens, on the other hand, stepped away from his usual black to feature red statement stomper boots, flared pants and bralettes. Saint Laurent has incorporated deep red’s in both its men’s and women’s wear adding intricate fashion ideas for Spring 2024.

Epic Trenches:

trench coat - So Magazine

If we’re not talking about trench coats, is it really spring? Designers reinterpreted the silhouette and styling of the weatherproof classic. We saw coats with dramatic embellishments at Ferragamo and Saint Laurent, such as capes a la Holmesian and scarve attachments that wrap the neck and chest like armour, or coats with extremely high buttoning, like at Bottega Veneta, to protect you from the weather. The style is easily replicable off the runway using pieces from both high street and contemporary labels.

High-fashion fringe designs:

The Milan runways were adorned with fringe, but not always in the ways you may anticipate: Designers such as Prada, Del Core, Gucci, and Roberto Cavalli used texture and fabric in novel ways, creating hanging accent pieces that reflect and glimmer in the light as you walk.

For the spring and summer of 2024, the fringes, with their ceaseless activity, will once again rule the scene.frills - So Magazine Extended and plump for dynamic dresses and skirts, more elongated and rigid for three-dimensional tops, or even dispersed throughout the ensemble to accentuate the forms with aggressiveness.


There’s no doubting that towards the end of last year, skirts took the place of trousers as the go-to item for everyday wear. However, although denim minis clearly ruled for Autumn/Winter 2023, it appears that the skirt is getting a hyper-feminine update for Spring/Summer 2024. Think ultra-mini, ultra-sheer, flowing, or elegant; this skirt is a key component of the Masc./Fem Dressing aesthetic trend, which will be enormous come spring. Most importantly, a flirtatious vest or a charming cropped cardigan are no longer the go-to pieces to combine with these skirts. Consider chunky jackets, masculine sweaters, and big shirts instead—sometimes even all three?

portrait-woman in hat-So-magazineThe trend for the upcoming season is super-sizing enormous shapes. You would think that since boyfriend blazers and billowing white shirts have been a style icon for almost ten years, it was time for the fashion wheel to turn back and bring back the fitted suits  or the drainpipe jeans.

The millennial generation is about to exhale in relief because, although low-slung waists have been all over trend reports for a few seasons now, it’s time to go back to the high-rise. Indeed, if you follow Loewe’s philosophy, only the ultra-high-rise will do. The high-rise rule works well for any occasion, whether you’re dressing in jeans, sweatpants or tailored apparel. It can be incorporated into your complete trouser collection for date nights, office wear, meals and days out. To improve the ensemble, spend money on a beautiful, classic belt.


Why not adopt one of the major spring trends a bit early this year, for individuals who are currently having trouble with their officewear look? The workwear trend for Spring/Summer 2024 is largely about easy-to-grasp loose tailoring; we’re not simply talking about a skirt that allows you to breathe. With wildly enormous suits, blazers that hit your thighs, and possibly even an elasticated waist. Business casual is really going things too far. To experiment with proportions, wear it with a slim-fitting blouse or skinny knit.woman - so=magazine


The ultra-low, Y2K-esque waistline is back in popularity for dresses, skirts and jeans alike, with mom jeans and other comparable high-waisted styles going out of style. The Spring/Summer 2024 runways worldwide have gone even lower and offered the drop waist in response to the surprising comeback of this substantially lower waistline.

A longer torso and a more pronounced hourglass form are created when a garment is fitted considerably lower, typically dropping around the hips rather than the waist. This is one of the reasons why designers have been drawn to the drop waist trend this season.

Short shorts:

Micro shorts made an appearance on the Milan catwalks, most notably when they opened the Gucci show, which was directed by Sabato de Sarno. They also made an appearance in Paris, where they were seen at Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and Isabel Marant. Consider it the natural outcome of autumn’s penchant for not wearing trousers.

The Short shorts is the official replacement for the mini skirt. This spring, shorts should be as leg-showing as possible, according to almost all Milanese designers. Styles vary from pieces that appear like little more than pricey pants to trouser-like cuts at Gucci and Tom Ford, despite their brevity.


Slingback heels, which first appeared in the 1940s, soon came to be associated with the alluring pin-up girl. The ankle-strapped look has seen countless reimaginings since then, solidifying its status as a classic that fashion designers continue to update for each new season. This adaptable style, which can be worn in any weather and taken from day to night, comes in the forms of pumps, kitten heels, or flats.

For those seeking comfort and support, this Gucci slingback with its adjustable strap, square toe, and block heel is the ideal choice. Unquestionably an icon of the Italian home, its golden horse bit accent adds a timeless burst of elegance that goes well with any outfit.

Like no other shoe, this Prada model can take you from day to night thanks to its sophisticated kitten heel and delicate pointed toe. Any minimalist would be happy with this simple design, which has a structural half bow and is finished with a thin leather strap.

Who declared that we would be moving past Barbiecore? Versace’s slingback heels are the ideal party shoe for someone who doesn’t mind heights, and they’ll be wonderful for the 2024 nights. These slingback heels can make the entire space glitter with their gold version of the brand’s signature Medusa insignia and pale pink crystal embellishments.

Sheer separates:

The red carpet, our fave high street retailers, and even the runway are seeing an increasing amount of transparent clothes. Additionally, this season, designers like LaQuan Smith, Saint Laurent, and Givenchy have treated us to more wearable renditions for IRL in the form of see-through separates, while our fave celebrities have been enjoying the trend of nude clothing in the form of bold gowns. Try a mesh shirt with tailored trews if you’re feeling daring enough. If you want to wear this outfit to the office, though, you might want to consider wearing a cami or bra to avoid breaking any HR dress codes.


We couldn’t be happier that this year’s trend of metallics and shine, which we may have previously connected with evening wear, has extended to the daytime.

When you think of the word “metallic,” images of shimmering golds, silvery flecks, and sparkling textures may come to mind. However, there are a lot more facets to this trend. Never before have metallics been so wearable; no matter the circumstance, they can instantly improve an ensemble.

They are also a practical and adaptable addition to your wardrobe because, depending on how they’re dressed, they may be both smart and whimsical.


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