Rinnai – Paving the way for net zero solutions with their greener hybrid Solutions

Rinnai Corporation manufactures heating appliances, including high efficiency water heaters for domestic and commercial usage, home heating appliances & more

Their corporate statement is: “Rinnai utilizes heating to provide society with a comfortable way of life.” . For their customers they aim to offer lifestyles of comfort, safety and peace of mind and for the planet, they strive to reduce environmental impact as much as possible. Rinnai aims to creates healthy and comfortable lifestyles.

In support of their mission, Rinnai launched its Innovation Manifesto 2050, in 2021. Their aims, through innovation in product development, manufacturing, and sales, is to “help realise a decarbonised society” As part of this manifesto, Rinnai is innovating the development of technologies that utilise electric, renewable gas and Hydrogen hybrid technologies along with renewable liquid fuels.

Rinnai - Heat pump Technology and net zeroThe government rhetoric and legislation is heading towards an increasing interest in commercial heat pump technology for domestic hot water production and heating. The increase in interest of commercial ground source and air source heat pumps is leading to many questions from gas installers, consultants, large commercial users, and the general public. The questions range from air source heat pump efficiency, ground source heat pump installation & hybrid solutions.

Domestic hot water  (DHW ) is often considered as hot water for the sole purpose of domestic properties. However, term actually refers to water used for domestic purposes such as showers, sinks, bathing, and general ablutions. So DHW heating means the Hot Water used in both domestic and commercial properties.  Heat pumps therefore, can be used for DHW production. Whether they be air source heat pumps, commercial heat pumps or ground source heat pumps. For a free consultation with our heat pump experts contact us today on 0300 373 0660 or visit Rinnai UK & Europe.


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